Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Other pieces from my scrapbag today...

and a very special, heartfelt THANK YOU to YOU, my dear, dear blogger friends, pals and companions. In my heart, there is no distance between us *VBS*With the wonders of our modern age, not only memories can span the miles and can too. This lovely Christmas Day portrait of DD#1 and her little family came zipping across the miles last evening. And a couple pictures of that DGD opening my gift to her. She wasn't with her Dad and my DD on Monday, they got to pick her up on Tuesday morning *VBS*. She's 16 now and getting to be quite the beauty.
Since my doll pictures and memories touched a soft spot for many of you, I'm going to give you a BIG grin *VBG* and a few more. This little darling is Sparkle Plenty, the baby daughter of Dick Tracy. She came to my house on Christmas of 1947, along with a stuffed Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Both were special to me, but alas, they met the fate of my other toys. Sparkle Plenty was made with a new "magic" skin, which turned out to be a disaster. It blacked and got hard over the years. It's rare to find a doll that still looks this good. This is an eBay photo. I didn't bid on the doll, but was delighted to find a picture of her.
Another Ebay photo, and more dolls that I couldn't possibly afford. I recieved the one in the back row, dressed in a blue fleece snowsuit in 1945. "He" was my most favorite doll ever, I think. The dolls had a simulated 'real' hair, and it was called "caracul". I have a couple more ebay pictures of them, but the dolls are hard to find and went well over $200. I'm happy to have found pictures.
These little darlings look like toddlers. They are the "Kissy" doll from 1961-1965. My youngest sister got one for Christmas in 1961. I've had hers for years and years, altho NOT in the original clothes. A few years back, in a moment of foolish weakness, I decided to 'collect' Kissy dolls. Trust me...not a wise move for someone in limited house space. They wear size 12-24 months clothes, and take up more room than you'd imagine. I quit with about 25. I have several in original boxes, and original clothes. They came in s variety of outfits, and are NOT hard to find on ebay. They also came in a 16" size, altho I collect the larger ones. They are moderately priced. They were made by Mattel, but only for 4 years.
And last but not least, this little cutie is "Baby Small Talk". My Dad gave DD#1 a doll just like this one for Christmas the year she was one..1968. Apparently HE really liked the doll because he gave her another one(exactly the same) for her second birthday....LOL. They got passed along to relatives, but I've purchased two more on Ebay, and for now, they live on my dresser.
Even if you don't have the dolls you loved as a child, it's kind of neat to go looking for them. There are lots of doll sites on the internet, it just takes a "google" or a visit to Ebay...happy browsing *VBS*


dot said...

I really like the memory of the dolls. It just doesn't seem like girls play with them anymore. Our society has changed so much in the past few years. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

paula, the quilter said...

I have a LOT of dolls. My father was in the Navy and would bring me a doll after every cruise. I have a doll from a lot of different countries and they range in size from about 1/2 inch to 24 inches. My favorite tho is my original Betsy McCall doll. Happy Boxing Day!

Norma said...

I think I had one of those dolls in the pink snow suit!

My older sister and I used to fight over a little black rubber doll that drank and wet. She was "Amosandra", the daughter of Amos' from the "Amos and Andy" radio show. We liked her because, of course she drank and wet but too, she had lots of clothes that fit. (well, she had to have because the water she "drank" ran out of the joints of her legs! LOL) Being just kids, we never cared that our favorite baby had different colored skin than we did.....we loved her just because!

Libby said...

Oh . . . I remember Betsy McCall *s* But my favorites were a Chatty Kathy - pull a string in her back and she talked and a Hi Heidi, who had a button on her belly that made her arm fly up in a 'wave'. Kathy was more of a dolly-sized doll and Heidi was considered a pocket doll. Lots and lots of fun *s*

*gasp* I just remembered this really super fun feeding dish that I had for my dolls, too. It appeared to have milk in the bowl, but as the spoon hit across the acrylic top during 'feeding time' the milk would magically disappear. I am mystified by this still *s*

Tamera said...


Do I understand you correctly? Is that your daughter and granddaughter? They could be TWINS!

Isn't genetics wonderful? LOL

meggie said...

Hi, I have loved dolls all my life. When I was little they were too expensive, & my Mother showed me a catalogue with dolls. I didn't get the one I wanted, but I pretended she was fine. I named her Judy, & I never found out what became of her when if left home. I guess that is why I over compensated for my own daughter, & bought her the lovliest dolls, & have kept them for her. I made porcelain dolls for years, & I still love them all.

I love my 'real life' babies just as much, even though they are now 45, 39 & 38.

Happy New Year Finn, & all the Blessings you need!! Hugs.XXXXXX

Perry said...

I have enjoyed your recent posts with all of the pictures of "before". Thanks for sharing your memories. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a wonderful new year. Hugs from OKC!

cher said...

yes, I too was a doll girl growing up..thanks for all the memories!