Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday sign of St. Nick tho...

We are welcoming my friend Betsy to the ranks of "Grandparent" *VBS* She officially became a grandma on the first day of Hannukka...Dec. 5th. What a great little present!Betsy and her brand new granddaughter, R.
First impressions are soooo important..hey, what's with that bright light?
And today, on Dec. 15th, this sweet little DS#2 turned how time flies! Hope you're having cake today J *VBS*
The mail brought me this lovely block from Sue in Washington State. I have to confess I did beg a bit, quite shamelessly for a scrap of the Ho Ho Ho fabric. Instead I got the whole block to put into my Yuletide Orphans quilt *VBS* Thanks Sue!! You're the TOPS!
And in my new "Last-but-not-least" department...this gorgeous bundle of christmas fabrics from my dear friend in Oregon, Cher *VBS* I'm uncertain why she was clearing out her holiday fabrics, but I'm NOT complaining!!! Love them all, and they certainly will figure into future holiday quilts. Some of the red/greens and for sure the white will be added to my Bonnie's mystery quilt top!
I've been busy, busy, busy...but little to no sewing. Guess that's probably the case for most of us with a holiday to celebrate in 10 days! Hope everyone is having a weekend that is merry and bright, and are safe and warm from all the bad weather hitting the midsection of America.


dot said...

What a wonderful gift, a grandbaby. Time does go by way to fast. My kids will be 29 and 24 this year. That means I am getting older myself. I love checking in on you and yes I have started a project with those little squares, just on hold for now. Take care and Merry Christmas.

Kathie said...

Oh your friend Betsy must be so happy!
thats just wonderful.
Love the block with the hohoho fabric just adorable.
I am still working on Bonnies mystery, still on part two with all the nine patches...
your right just busy with the holidays and stuff.
They will get done.
I finally have a few blocks in the box for a future orphan train quilt!

Susan said...

I love that little squinched up face! How exciting for Betsy. I can't believe how time flies, either. I have a son who is griping about middle age flying by, and I don't see how that can be when I'm hanging on to the edges of it myself. =)

I love the block Sue sent. That's so cute! Your fabric gifties are super. Who knows, the blues may fit in by the time you are done with the mystery. =)

Sue in western WA said...

Love that sock print! No doubt you'll have fun playing with those fabrics ;- )

Congratulations to friend Betsy!

Norma said...

Five years ago today, I was in the delivery room when my grandson was born. Talk about a natural high! I am happy that all went well for your friend. Sounds like the baby will have a friend in "Auntie Finn", as well.

Love the HO HO HO is one of those that I think I would keep to look at because I just couldn't bear to cut into it. Oh dear, way too many fabrics like that in my collection!

Libby said...

How exciting for Friend Betsy *s* It is a wonderful club that I look forward to joining one day myself. A very Happy (belated) Birthday to Son #2 . . . I hope he enjoyed his cake as much this year as in the photo from the past!

meggie said...

Congratulations to Betsy. Being a grandma sure does Rock!!
Nice goodies you got there Finn!!

Sew Prim Khris said...

Gorgeous fabrics Finn. Love teh socks and hats...hugs Khris in Oz