Sunday, January 25, 2009


I thought I was running fast enough...but I got tagged *VBS* Dionne, of Sew Many Quilts has tagged me to tell 5 interesting or weird things about myself. This has been a hard assignment. Either I'm not very interesting, or my brain doesn't register that. Weird, well maybe. Here goes: 1. I have 5 adopted children. Each was a seperate adoption, 2 in Michigan, and 3 in Wisconsin. The oldest child we adopted was almost a year and the youngest was 10 weeks. I have 3 boys and 2 girls. They have given me the 13 grandchildren, mostly boys, as you know. 2. I love crayons. I like the smell, color and just everything about them...except when the points wear down. I have alot of crayons in a tin, stubbies. There is always at least one new box of 24 hidden in the china cabinet, for when I need new "points".
3. I like salt on my cottage cheese and sugar on my pancakes. You are welcome to ALL the maple(and other kinds)syrup in the world. 4. I'm not afraid of bats, mice or spiders, but I hate snakes and worms and that doesn't seem weird to me,. 5. I adore scrap quilts, the scrappier the better. Apparently I'm really a very down to earth kind of gal. I'd rather have the pieces than the yardage. I think I'm suppose to tag 5 or so more of you to do this, but it's so hard to choose. Why don't you ALL do it???? Then I won't be alone being weird or not very interesting....LOL
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The picture is the cover of a 1942 Woman's Day magazine I bought on Ebay...I love that little girl!


Amelia said...

Your heart must be as large as Alaska to adopt 5 children. They have been a blessing (well probably most of the time) to you - but they too should feel blessed to have you as their mother.

You wrote about your other "weird" ways - but it is great that we are all a bit different..keeps life interesting.

Have a great week - and a warm one if possible.

Carolyn said...

I eat my pancakes with lemon and sugar...I had them last night for dinner! It was how my grandmother from Wisconsin ate them. I thought it was a German thing, maybe it's a Midwestern one!

jovaliquilts said...

My mom was born and raised in California with British parents, and she taught me to sprinkle a little sugar then a little orange juice over my pancakes. Yum!!

Twisted Quilts said...

I can only imagine the adventures you have had with 5 adopted children. I am sure lots of fun and some heart break as well. I enjoy reading your blog. Yours was one of the first that I started reading regularly.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Good answers, Finn! I was once asked to answer the same meme and when I wrote it up, I decided I was SO weird that if anyone read it, they would be too scared of me to ever come back to my blog again! So, I never posted it! I'm talking WEIRD ;) Some things are best kept unsaid is my motto *VBG*

Chris Daly said...

You are so lucky to have so many loved ones. I loved that you love sharp pointy crayons. When I was young one of my proudest possessions was my big box of crayons with the pencil sharpener.

Unknown said...

I eat my pancakes with lemon and sugar. Does that mean we are weird? We just enjoy the nicest things in life.
You have been blessed with the opportunity of adopting 5 children. Not that many people can do half of it...
ps1: as I am finishing tis post de word verification is 'amazing'

ps2: my little furry friend also has a bikini!

Scrappy quilter said...

I so enjoyed reading this. Being the mother of adopted children is truly a blessing (we have 3). I love crayons too and scrappy quilts ar the best.

Dionne said...

It's so wonderful getting to know everyone! I always think my family is complete with 3 children, except every now and then I want 3 more! My husband cringes until I come to my senses again. You sure had your hands full with 5, but then they were sure worth it!

Libby said...

Me, too . . . . I love crayons. I even keep a box just to open and sniff - never use. The points are too pleasing.
Also I salt and pepper cottage cheese and never does maple syrup cross these lips. I eat my pancakes and waffles with butter alone. Occasionally a little jam or a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon.
Then there's the scrap quilt. I do believe I value them above all others- the start out with a rich history.
I don't care for snakes - but my newest endeavor has me learning to like worms an awful lot. They are becoming my friends *s*
Thanks for sharing!

Jean said...

One of the neighbor families kids used to eat their pancakes with peanut butter and jam. I love Sour Dough Pancakes... with butter or margarine!
Our daughter and her hubby last fall out of the blue (although they have been trying to adopt for several years) were asked if they would like to adopt a 16 month old girl, and her 3 month old brother! We are so excited to welcome these two sweet ones into the family. They already had one son through invetro. To go from 1 grandchild to 3... Heaven!
Bless you for your big heart! There are many who think that adopting just isn't for them. At least they know their boundries!
Scrap quilts are the best! Otherwise the scraps would be thrown away, and I just can't see that!

meggie said...

Love your 'weird'. Not weird at all really, but very interesting.

Lindah said...

What a loving, giving heart you have!
By the way, wouldn't it be a boring world if there were no distinctives among "weirdness"? I'm with you on nos 4 & 5.
WD cover is adorable. Thanks for including it.

julieQ said...

Loved reading this! Wonderful facts about you, thank you for sharing this!